Honolulu Photo-Diary

1. The bright alive Honolulu sky.
2. Super white Alana just off the plane with a Loco Moco. Yum! 
3. Home sweet home
4. Koko head
5-6.  I love cooking an elaborate breakfast for my mom and I when I go home. She's so busy, I love to give her a break and a treat.
7-10. A gorgeous day at the beach.
11-12. Lau lau! Always missing my local foods.
13-14. More gorgeous days and warm beaches.
15. Dr Linda, my darling mother, nerding out.
16. Cold coconuts, roadside.
17-end. Lovely Hawaii, and a slightly less pale me.

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3andahalf said...

honolulu!!! sooo jealous! = )