I make documentaries, I take pictures, I travel the world, I love. 
Life Inspires me. I want to inspire it back. 
Join me!
A bit more about me...
I grew up in Honolulu Hawaii with my beloved mama; Dr. Linda as she is known to all of my friends. A chiropractor+nutritionist, which I definitely take after.
My Dad, Bob Fickes, teaches meditation in Chiang Mai Thailand, and has since I was 3. Which I am lucky to say has afforded me anual Thailand visits since then (thank you so much Dad!).

 I had quite a unique upbringing surrounded by spiritual, and health anything and everything.
Where I stray from the 'rents is in my obsessive love for fashion and video/photography.
I spent my childhood making hysterical short films and going to a waldorf school.

I am a traveler at heart, and always will be.
I will never stop making faces, movies, or designing.