Bay to Breakers

Amazing photos by the ever talented Christopher Matar:

I didn't know real events existed that would shut down miles of central streets just to let hoards of costumed and glittered San Franciscans wander through.
They call this one Bay To Breakers, which makes sense because the walk/run/dance party starts at the Bay and ends at the Breakers. I don't know San Fran well enough to understand all that, but I do understand neon, glitter, and spandex. And I understand a block party x10.
What I'm trying to say is, this was incredible, and so much fun. If you get the opportunity, definitely visit San Francisco during Bay To Breakers.
What shall I do next? Leave me comments ;)

I love you all,

The video: 


Texture Rich

Today's texture rich inspiration. 
Bright colors, dripping gold tears, and baby shoes. Please make them in size Alana next time.


The Karlie Kloss Cut

Some of you may know, Karlie Kloss has a new haircut. Fresh, young, sharp, and shit... Its brilliant. 
Here's the before:
I cant get over this, and I've been pondering a drastic cut myself... Should I do it? 
Aaah the commitment! My current hair reaches my belly button. But I'm thinking its time for a change. Thoughts?
PS How Fantastic was Anna Sui's hair and makeup this year? Gotta love it. 



Thursday Inspiration

Just makes you think, 'I want that to be me!', Doesn't it? 
I'm officially inspired. Thank you Garance, ladies, and video crew.
Heres to keeping up the posting, and posting fun things in 2013. 
Thank you to anyone who reads this. 

xx, Alana



Saturday Brunch Scones

What what? I made some Scones on the lovliest Saturday. 
And a video to go with them... Enjoy!
Gluten Free Vanilla Cream cheese scones

The video:

Don't forget to sleep in!
Have a great weekend!