A few days ago I woke up sick, and it got worse. I haven't been this sick since I got poisoning in India and lost 8lbs. Its actually really scary to be that ill alone in another country where your hotel barely speaks english.
I was hysterical most of the time. Thank god the internet worked for the 1st day+ 1/2 and I could call my mom and Shaari to help heal me. 
My mom is a chiropractor/nutritionist.

Today I'm over the worst and hopefully I'll be human tomorrow. I've extended my stay in this hotel by a few days, so I'm traveling tomorrow, god help me.
I wanted to document my trip, and this was a big event for me, so here I am the crying sick mess,  me at my lowest.
Photos by me.



Still pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better!

How's Europe, otherwise?

Captain Mischief said...

I am feeling so much better now! Europe is great, just got to is sooo expencive though.

waseem said...

u look so cute when ur ill.... sorry but that what i think.....