The People of Algeciras

This man was great. He was sitting at the bottom of a 4 story garage, and saw me taking pictures. 
He didn't speak english, but he referenced the pack of wild spanish boys that had recently gone up, and told me they were smoking pot. He thought it would make a great picture... I think he knew the boys might be upset with me if I did.
I think this man was homeless,  he never spoke to me, but he was walking along the same stretch of sidewalk as me. I was walking faster, but kept stopping for photos, and we kept running into each other. 
Finally I asked if I could photograph him, and he agreed. 
Afterward he had the most giddy glowing smile I've ever seen. He waved at me before he crossed the street with such emotion.
I think my finding beauty in him, enough to want his picture did something to him. 
When I'm down I think photography is a purposeless job. Moments like this remind me otherwise.
These two men were sitting at a cafe and invited me to join them. They were both from Morocco. 
The man in the aloha shirt is a journalist, he writes about politics.
He invited me to stay in Morocco with him, and his family for a month and take photos for a "pamphlet". 
Sadly I had to leave it at I'll call you if I'm ever able to come back for that long.
This boy wants to be a rapper. He named off all of the american rappers he admires; 50 Cent, B.I.G., and many names I couldn't quite translate. 
There was a wedding at my hotel. Beautiful. 
Photos by Alana Fickes, me.

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