Saturday Brunch Scones

What what? I made some Scones on the lovliest Saturday. 
And a video to go with them... Enjoy!
Gluten Free Vanilla Cream cheese scones

The video:

Don't forget to sleep in!
Have a great weekend!



Steve Katz said...

Don't know where you are now, but my daughter, Marissa Katz told me that your Dad is sometimes in Thailand and so are you. I am here in Bangkok now with my wife. I Remember you from Waldorf and I think you took dance class together.

We are on a world trip. Will be here longer than expected cause Tamara got hurt riding her bike and is recovering from ACL surgery.

Anyway, hi neighbor. If your Dad is around it would be great to meet up. Marissa said he sometimes does meditation stuff here. I use meditation stuff as part of my counseling with clients. Who knew

Aloha, Steve Katz

Captain Mischief said...

Oh hey, Thats so cool! My dad is touring Japan right now, but he's on his way back soon. You can find him on FB Bob Fickes. Good Luck, have sooo much fun traveling!