Met Costume Gala

Starting with the nude beauties...
 The ponytail is perfect.
Model Caroline Trentini in Michael Kors
 I cant resist a nude princess, nor can I resist Jessica Stam...
Model Jessica Stam in Tommy Hilfiger
Perfectly simple
Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney

The Darkly dressed.....
Admirably playful, but appropriate and unique as always.
Chloe Sevigny in Alexander McQueen
This is crazy, but look at those hips!
Christina Ricci in Zac Posen
GORGEOUS from the back! Simply cinematic.
Of course Anna Wintour in Chanel, 
and daughter Bee Schaffer in Balenciaga

Now my personal favorites, the brights!....
 Aaaah, I just cant get enough of this!
Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors
Do I really need to say anything? She is an angel after all.
 Gisele Bundchen in Alexander McQueen
Oh heaven this yellow!
Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein
 Perfectly bohemian, graceful, old hollywood, colorful all in one, and still simple. Who knew it was possible?
Gorgeous Isabel Lucas in Louis Vuitton

My crown jewels are absolutely these last four listed under brights. But my best dressed would be a 3 way tie between Isabel, Zoe, and Brooklyn. Blowing my fashion mind.
Officially inspired, thank you ladies (and your wonderful stylists)! Time to go make use of this sudden inspiration. 


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