Los Angeles Touristing

Last month I had a bunch of friends come visit LA. Which was awesome, because it obligated me to go on a spree of fun tourist trips. 
I'm not the type to bring someone to The chinese theater, so these are my recommendations to anyone visiting for a few days:

A gorgeous planetarium+universe interactive museum on top of a winding hill in Los Feliz. So much fun. 
I say go at night, 
Bring a thick Jacket (it can get windy and cold),
Definitely watch one of the planetarium shows (ie get there before 8:30 so you can get tickets), 
And of course, you mustn't forget to pose with Einstein.

*Mind you, it can get really packed on weekends, particularly if its Valentines day, speaking from personal experience.

My visit(s):

Botanical Gardens!

A massive, glorious mix up of 14 different themed gardens on the used-to-be  Estate grounds of, Mr. and Mrs. Huntington.
My favorites are the Japanese garden,

not hard to guess considering I'm asian obsessed.

The Rose garden when its in bloom,
you'll never guess the names of all the types of roses.

and The Desert garden, 
The cacti are out of this world, like excerpts from Dr. Seus.

*Warning: It's been getting a bit pricey, so plan on staying for a while to make it worth your dollar. (Its always worth it in the end)

My experience in pictures:
^Flat old man?
Photos by Alana Fickes+Samantha Stier+Jacob Eaton

Love, Alana

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