22 Years

It was my 22nd birthday on may 27th, I've been in Wisconsin for the past week and haven't had time to show my beautiful birthday cake, courtesy of Sky and Elma <3. 

I've been Gluten Free for the past 4 years, and I'm used to ice cream or rice crispy treats rather than cake on my birthday, but this year I was extra loved. My boyfriend, Zach, baked me a gluten-free chocolate cake, AND my friends Elma and Sky bought me a gluten-free cake from Baby Cakes. Both were absolutely perfect, and delish. 

Zach also threw me a surprise party at a beautiful park, which I was not expecting in the least. Did you know you can make a Facebook event and keep it secret from someone? It's the first time anyone has succeeded in surprising me with a party, I'm usually the planner for other people's birthdays. 
I commend you Zach, thank you so much, I love you and I'm so grateful!
Not only that but he brought me roses at midnight! How sweet.

(Photos  by me)

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Anonymous said...

:) birthday sex in a gluten free cake!