Meet And Swap

I went to the swap-meet in Ventura a few weeks ago with Zach.
Prepare yourself, this is gonna be a big one, but well worth it.
Love this mesh with gold beads, and the bangles.
Mrs. Hughs left her perscription out.
Those metal toe braces !!
One of my characters WILL wear this, if not myself.
My french sir (Actually he's native). My hat.
Mmm, shashing o tote kudasai.
The spice girls would be all over this. (Ladies pride on the right).
Someone must be really depressed on the left.
Double yes.
Dooney&Bourkes are my favorite thrift store bag finds.
I want theses all over, all of my jackets.
Yeah, Top Gun golden glittering pendant. Totally manly. 
Mustache week for Zach.
Theses would look amazing draped over my jewelry work desk to be.
Why were theses not my size?
(Photos by me)

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